• Reciprocating Power Pump System Dynamic Analysis
  • Pump Component Design and Analysis
  • ANSI/HI Reciprocating Pump Bench Test Reporting
  • Slurry Abrasive Wear Analysis

White Rock Engineering Services (WRES) staff has been providing engineering services for over thirty years to the Reciprocating Power Pump Industry. A new and innovative Power Pump Data Acquisition System has been developed based on our experience and recent advancements in technology.

Life Cycle Cost of Reciprocating Power Pump Applications are dependant on many manufacturing, design, installation and system factors. The Power Pump Display System is used reduce Life Cycle Costs by providing Root Cause analysis of pump or system failures, providing product improvement evaluation, and monitoring pump component status to alarm actual or pending failures before a major failure occurs.


  •  Reciprocating Pump Display System
  •  Reciprocating Pump Monitor System
  •  Reciprocating Pump Station Monitor System
  •  Reciprocating Pump Life Cycle Cost System